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_Invisible Sounds: Lecture & solo acoustic saxophone performance

_Artist: Marc Vilanova (ES)

_Opening: Culture & Well-being Forum, 25 October, 18:00 (CEST)

_Location: Casa Tranzit, Str G. Barițiu 16, Cluj-Napoca (Romania)


Invisible Sounds by artist Marc Vilanova took place on the 25th of October in Cluj-Napoca as the opening event of the Culture & Well-being Forum 2021, organized by Cluj Cultural Centre. Invisible Sounds is a lecture performance about the invisible sounds of our environment created by the artist in the frame of the Art & Well-being project. The artwork was selected by the jury of the Art & Well-being project within an international call in which 170 artists from 19 countries participated. 

The event took place live at Tranzit House and it was also live streamed by the Cluj Cultural Centre. Marc Vilanova shared his 3 years long research on what he calls invisible frequencies, frequencies below 20Hz and above 20kHz, which are undetectable by the human ear. Sound penetrates our bodies not only by our ears, but through our skin, bones and resonating cavities of the body. Without noticing, we are daily exposed to multiple sources of infrasound and ultrasound from natural phenomena to home appliances and even though we can’t hear them, these frequencies clearly have an impact on our bodies and can influence our well-being. 

The audience had the opportunity to learn about these sounds that surround us daily in our lives, and to find out what they are, where they can be found and what impact they have on our physical and mental health. Marc Vilanova played examples of ultra and infrasounds and gave a live demonstration of an ultrasonic detection from a fluorescent lamp, measuring the ultrasounds emitted by the lamp when turned on, then he shifted down those frequencies into audible sounds, allowing the audience to hear them.

The presentation was followed by a solo acoustic saxophone performance. The music for this particular performance was composed by the artist using unknown infra and ultrasound recordings, which he translated for the audience using his saxophone, using extended techniques. This composition process created a unique vocabulary of sounds, some of which are not typically associated with the instrument. Listening to the unknown made the public aware of the multiple realities that surround us, that affect us, and that we are completely unaware of it. Listening to the unknown also allowed the ears to focus into the sound itself, creating an immersive experience through sound and allowing the audience to freely identify with the imaginative possibilities that nurture the music.

About Marc Vilanova

Marc Vilanova (ES) is a sound and light artist working at the intersection of art, science and technology. He creates audiovisual performances/installations while working with electroacoustic composition, improvisation, and interdisciplinary collaborations with dance, theatre, and moving images. His pieces have been presented in festivals around the world in Japan, the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Iran, Taiwan, South Korea, Russia and many countries in Europe.

The Art & Well-being project is co-financed by the Creative Europe program of the European Union, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Cluj-Napoca Municipality.