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About us

The project Art &Well-being involves four leading European institutions with varied experiences, missions, publics and geographic focus: The Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels, Belgium (BOZAR), Cluj Cultural Centre Association – Project Lead – based in Cluj, Romania (CCC), the Maribor Art Gallery in Maribor, Slovenia (UGM), and the Bruno Kessler Foundation in Trento, Italy (BKF). Each of the four partners brings a unique expertise that enriches the project as a whole:

Main Areas of Action

Capacity Building and Advocacy Programme


Artistic Programme

The goal of this project is to develop new processes, activities and networks to support cultural institutions in partnering with other stakeholders like municipalities, care centres, and urban planners across Europe to create new innovative projects, engage new audiences, and raise awareness on the challenges that urban dwelling and a fast paced contemporary life pose to the physical, emotional and mental health.

We aim to do this by exploring the potential of arts to enhance individual and community well-being at local and European levels.