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Arts & Wellbeing

What we do

The project Art &Well-being involves four leading European institutions with varied experiences, missions, audiences and geographic focus: The Centre for Fine Arts (Belgium), Cluj Cultural Centre Association – Project Lead (Romania), the Maribor Art Gallery (Slovenia) and the Bruno Kessler Foundation (Italy). The goal of this project is to develop new processes, activities and networks to support cultural institutions in partnering with other stakeholders in order to create new innovative projects, engage new audiences, and raise awareness on the challenges that urban dwelling and a fast paced contemporary life pose to the physical, emotional and mental health.

Evidence that arts improve health and

A report made public by World Health Organisation states evidence from a wide variety of disciplinary approaches and methodologies for the potential value of the arts in contributing to core determinants of health; playing a critical role in health promotion; helping to prevent the onset of mental illness and age-related physical decline; supporting the treatment or management of mental illness, noncommunicable diseases and neurological disorders; and assisting in acute and end-of-life care. Although some countries have made progress in developing policies that make use of the arts to support health and well-being, many have not yet addressed the opportunities that exist for using the arts to support health, and for others policy activities have been time limited.