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Terms and conditions

1.1 By accessing and using the website www.art-wellbeing.eu, you accept these conditions, without limitations or qualifications, and acknowledge that any agreements between you and the Cluj Cultural Centre Association (hereinafter, the organizer) and its partners in the Art & Wellbeing program are in full compliance with these Terms and Conditions.
1.2 The organizer and its partners hold all the intellectual property rights (including the rights to the database) regarding the logos and all other materials presented on this website. The website was created in order to provide, for free, to all those interested, information about the Art & Wellbeing program, one of the projects realized by the Cluj Cultural Centre in collaboration with three other European institutions: BOZAR (Belgium), UGM | Maribor Art Gallery (Slovenia) and Bruno Kessler Foundation (Italy) and co-funded by the European Commission through the Creative Europe program. This website does not contain any advice or recommendation on taking a decision, whatever it may be.
1.3 The terms and conditions can be changed at any time by the organizer, without the need for prior notification. Modifications and other information regarding their validity will be posted on this website, in order to inform all persons interested in this program (including, but not limited to, applicants, persons selected in the program, participants in the program). Therefore, it is recommended that you regularly refer to this policy to check its updated content.
1.4 This Document is supplemented by the other Policies included on the website
www.art-wellbeing.eu, as well as by the applicable law in this matter.

2.1 Organizer – refers to the Cluj Cultural Centre Association, based in Cluj-Napoca, Blvd. 21 December 1989, no. 58, room 20, registered in the Register of Associations and Foundations with no. 166/2010, fiscal registration code 27626490;
2.2 Document – this Policy on Terms and Conditions, which governs the relationship between all persons interested in the Art & Wellbeing and Organizer program and which shall be interpreted in accordance with Romanian law. Any non-compliance or invalidity of a part or clause in this Document with other applicable legal provisions has no effect on the validity and legality of the other provisions of this Document;
2.3 Agreement – represents the agreement between the participant and the organizer for the smooth running of the program;
2.4 Event / Project / Program – represents Art & Wellbeing;
2.5 Applicant – represents the person who completed the application form on the website www.art-wellbeing.eu;
2.6 Participant – represents the person who was selected in the activities carried out within the Art & Wellbeing program and was declared admitted within it;
2.7 Processing of personal data – see Policy on the processing of personal data
2.8 User / visitor – the person who accesses the website www.art-wellbeing.eu
2.9 Partner / Partners – represent the partner institutions in this project, respectively: BOZAR (Belgium), UGM | Maribor Art Gallery (Slovenia) and Bruno Kessler Foundation (Italy)
3.0 Funder / Funders – represent the funders of this project, respectively the European Commission through the Creative Europe program and the municipality of Cluj-Napoca.

3.1 The Cluj Cultural Centre does not guarantee that the information appearing on this website does not contain errors. The Cluj Cultural Centre, its partners, its aforementioned funders cannot be held responsible for any damages caused to the website user, nor for any material or writing errors that appear on the website.
3.2 Other services that will be implemented in time, within the website are subject to the same conditions, unless they have conditions of use distinctly formulated or have not been mentioned in a distinct category of this document.
3.3 The Organizer reserves the right to interrupt the provision of the website (in whole or in part), at any time, without the obligation of prior notification.

4.1 Any reproduction, distribution or publication in any form of the content presented on this website by any person is prohibited without the prior written consent of the organizer.
4.2 The organizer holds the full and complete title over the files, pictures and materials published on the website, as well as all the intellectual property rights arising from them. It is forbidden to market, redistribute or reproduce these materials, to decompile or modify their structure.

5.1 The organizer shall keep confidential the information of any kind that the users / visitors / applicants / participants will provide using the website www.art-wellbeing.eu. The disclosure of the information provided shall only be possible under the strict conditions provided in the Policy on the processing of personal data.
5.2 Further details regarding the confidentiality of data as well as the processing of personal data can be found here.

6.1. These Terms and Conditions, as well as the use of the website www.art-wellbeing.eu are governed by the laws in force in Romania. Any dispute regarding the contractual report or resulting from or in connection with its conclusion, interpretation, execution or termination shall be settled either by requests addressed to the competent courts or by the arbitration of the Arbitration Court of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Cluj, according to its procedure and by a single arbitrator. Either party is given the opportunity to choose one of the two ways of settling disputes.