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In a world that is more globalized but also more fractured, where the green and digital transitions are becoming imperatives, and unknown societal risks are likely to appear, ambitious cultural policy goals re required.

On 9 and 10 March 2023, MESOC project partners participated physically and online to the final conference in Paris. It was an opportunity to present the knowledge, resources and tools developed during the three years of research.

The two-day event ended with the presentation of the MESOC Declaration, establishing the principles of a community of practice committed to fostering the role of culture in societal transformation. The view of the MESOC consortium is that we are at an inflection point where we must grasp this unique and invaluable opportunity to dig deeper into the relationship between culture, the arts and cultural heritage, and societal transformation.

The MESOC Declaration is the first step towards a more coherent European cultural policy ecosystem.