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More than 170 project ideas were proposed by artists and collectives from 19 countries with the Art & Well-being open call. We have been thrilled, inspired and moved by the diversity and richness of the proposals and the wide interest of artists in the themes of health and well-being.

The selected artworks will be hosted and produced by one of the three organisers – Cluj Cultural Centre | Cluj, BOZAR | Brussels and UGM | Maribor. 

Selected projects:

Kara Chin (UK) - A Future-Ghost of an Exhibition 2020 | artist-in-residence, Maribor

A Future-Ghost of an Exhibition 2020

Amid environmental disasters and a global health-crisis, 2020 is a time of uncertain futures, causing future images to take on a haunting quality, a Schrödinger paradox of may or may not exist. The shiny, seamless quality of a future image becomes like ectoplasm – evidence of a ghost – renderings of things that may never exist. Kara Chin proposes an animated series of virtual installations – shiny rendered future-ghosts of exhibitions that could have existed, that juxtapose with the raw aesthetic of the industrial heritage in Maribor. The animations be multi-dimensional timescapes, based on past and present photos of Maribor’s various factories, and a series of illustrations by futurist, Arthur Radebaugh, indicative of post-war techno-utopian futurism, envisioned during the period when Maribor’s heavy industry was in its prime. In these old futurist images, a haunting forms around how meanings change when they are brought into the present-day context.

Kara Chin (UK) builds sculptures encompassing many different materials and mediums, creating installations that include kinetic and robotic pieces, animation, sound, water features and horticultural elements.

Marc Vilanova (ES) | installation

As humans we have a limited sense to perceive our surroundings, being exposed to different sources of infrasound and ultrasound without noticing. Scientists have not yet determined the impact of infrasound and ultrasound on hearing, mental health, cognitive abilities and general well-being. The artist records the infrasounds that he is exposed to in his life and builds an installation composed of speakers and a clay sculpture, in which the infrasound recordings gently activate the speakers. The mechanical movement of the infrasound is designed to move, through a system of strings, a sculpture made of multiple pieces of clay that while shaking, create a delicate and crystal sound, allowing us to perceive the invisible sound of our daily life.

Marc Vilanova (ES) creates audiovisual performances/installations while working with electroacoustic composition, improvisation, and interdisciplinary collaborations with dance, theatre, and moving images. His pieces have been presented in festivals around the world in Japan, the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Iran, Taiwan, South Korea, Russia and many countries in Europe.


Monotremu (RO) | installation, performance

A pamphlet reassembling the rhetoric and aesthetic of a Jehovah Witness flyer, presenting the contemporary art world as a system of personal faith and social beliefs. Without the intention to establish a cult and down trick people, the artists seek to present to the regular public the contemporary art world as a beneficent system of values and wonder how to preach critical thinking and how art can contribute to a better world. A “contemporary salvation” ideological support/kit that contains artistic practices and discourses as a substitute for apostolic and mystical visions. A street performing action accompanied by a small cart containing flayers, artist-books and other materials; a call-center with 2-3 artists volunteers who may be able to assist the public and make an introductory contemporary art guide by phone; and a final public presentation, in form of an art night event opening. These moments will seek to shed a non-mystical spiritual light upon the social gathering around the contemporary art world, as epiphany moments for our human interaction.

The artistic duo Monotremu (RO) initiated by Laura Borotea and Gabriel Boldiș, is known for its ironic-critical artistic practice, focused on the apathy and shortcomings of Romanian society, context and civilization which, like the ambiguous zoological category of monotremes, is placed in an area that is still being clarified with an uncertain status, somewhere between mammals and birds (concerning monotremes), somewhere between East and West (concerning Romania).


Nika Rukavina (HR) | artist-in-residence, Brussels

One thing that women are taught, from a young age, is how not to be something or not to do something. Things that we are told during our lifetime have a huge impact on the way we see and perceive ourselves, on our self-esteem and the way we interact with the world around us. The artist created a “Book of Invisible Influence”, where she collected over 100 such sentences from women living mainly in ex-Yugoslavia. “Don’t be so emotional” is a sentence that was repeated to the artist throughout her childhood and which had a great deal of impact on her behavior and inability to deal with emotions. She carved the sentence in stone to replicate the pain that was inflicted on her by that sentence and then by breaking the stone she liberated herself from past traumas. Within Art &Well-being, these two previous works are combined; all the sentences from the book are carved in stone. Visitors are invited to choose which stone to break or to carve their own sentence and break it in order to experience their own symbolic liberation. 

Nika Rukavina (HR) is a multimedia artist working predominantly in installation, but her practice includes performance, painting, drawing, sculpture and video. Her primary interest is a research and understanding of inner human psychology and philosophy.


Radu Cioca (RO) - All the Suns | installation

All the Suns

Light can alter the appearance of a room without physically changing it. Our perception is influenced, our focus is redirected, and new details come to our attention in a new light. New light projections entering the same homely space in different moments in time create a state of eternal now that stays with us, triggering memories, bringing familiar awareness in new experiences. The modulation of light, the unpredictability of its trajectory may influence the perceiver’s mood. Light installation composed of multiple projections of video animations that simulate Sunlight passing through windows or natural vegetation. An abstract scenography of light. The visitors carry the light projection on them, creating a new light-shadow presence. The installation aims to simulate a state where everything is present at the same time. No quantification, no seconds, just Time traced as a presence in a universe of light shaped through a present eternity. 

Radu Cioca (RO) uses in its work drawing, painting, photography, video, computer animation or digital generated images, with a focus on sculpture and installations that challenge materials. His aim is to create a state of self-awareness in which the mystification of our reality is unveiled, thus raising questions and revealing relative ‘truths’.

Sophie Whettnall (BE) | performance

Sophie Whettnall’s performance takes place during one day. It is a duo work: The artist and her assistant. A real dialogue takes place between the two performers. The work consists of cutting the paper precisely over the entire width of the roll and gluing the stripes one after the other in order to generate a kind of landscape. The action of tearing the paper requires intense concentration from the artist who has to match the different stripes to each other. A back and forth movement is initiated between the second person who applies the glue and the artist who fixes the strip on the panel. This succession of simple, repeated gestures is transformed into a dialogue and it becomes a sort of dance, and a contemplation in the present moment. This choreography dives the performers into a form of trance, a meditation, whose energy is communicated to the audience and gives the viewers serenity and inner well-being and allows them to realize a journey into the mind. 

Sophie Whettnall (BE) is a multidisciplinary artist whose work is greatly influenced by painting, landscape in particular, and its durational sensorial experience. Through performance, installation and film, she explores the relationship of the body to its surroundings.

Tan Ling (UK) - Superpower | artist-in-residence, Cluj-Napoca

SUPERPOWER! is a participatory project that enables people to make sense of their complex interaction with the city, explores collective empathy and the impact of the built environment on their health & well-being through their innate subjective perception. The project uses a set of gesture-sensing data-collecting wearables that allows participants to design body gestures and record their perception of specific public spaces while wandering around the city. Data is collected in real-time and intended for participants to interpret and discuss among themselves their experiences and their concerns. The findings are presented on an interactive visual platform where the audience can make sense of the data collected, and contribute their own opinions.

Tan Ling (UK) is a designer, maker and software developer working within the field of social engagement, technology, citizen participation and politics. Her work addresses issues such as safety in public space, air quality, smart city, gender, demographics and race.

If, for various reasons, any of the selected artists are not able to implement their proposals, we will contact shortlisted artists for possible commissioning. For any questions, please contact us at proiecte@cccluj.ro.