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People who had interacted more frequently with art in the first months of the pandemic had fewer negative feelings, according to a study carried out by the Cluj Cultural Centre in 2020, 64% said that art helped them feel better, and frequent consumption of art was associated with a better mood, meaning and appreciation for beauty.

In the context of the pandemic that tests the resilience of each of us, the Cluj Cultural Centre proposed the Culture Pill for Well-being – an online form that assesses the emotional state and offers customized  cultural recommendations. The platform is in Romanian and is accessible to anyone, free of charge.

The recommendations selected by a team of curators are adapted to the emotional states of the participants and include music, literature, film, visual arts, etc.

Those who want to benefit from the cultural recommendations can fill in  the questionnaire available on the page https://cccluj.ro/pastilaculturala and in turn will receive customized  suggestions by email. The programme also includes a research component, in order to gain a better understanding of the effects of cultural experiences on participants and to inform future developments of the platform. 

The Culture Pill for Well-being initiative is developed within the Art & Well-being Project, in collaboration with the Centre’s Academy of Change, and carried out in partnership with the Babeş-Bolyai PsyTech University Psychology Clinic, Bookstory, TIFF Unlimited.