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7 weeks ago, for the 12 participants selected in the cultural prescription program for burnout, a new experience began. Without knowing exactly what it meant, some shy and introverted, others expansive, but still reserved, talked openly about the topic of burnout during the creative workshops organized in Cluj-Napoca by Cluj Cultural Centre. Burnout, a condition that more and more of us experience throughout our lives, affects 75% of people who have a job, according to a study by the Mental Health Association. In 2020, 40% of those affected reported that the burnout was the direct result of the Covid 19 pandemic (MHA, 2020).

The participants, together with the coordinator of all seven workshop sessions, the actress Diana Buluga, from Create.Act.Enjoy, went through a creative process, specially designed for this project. The whole process was based on artistic methods and interventions designed to help raise awareness of emotions, increase self-confidence and confidence in others, identify stressors and observe behaviors in stressful situations, but also use music, photography for relaxation and stress reduction.

From the first sessions, friends and connections were made, revelations took place, for some it was easier to express themselves, and others learned along the way, but they all realized that no matter how different we seem, we are essentially so similar. We all feel, we rejoice, we are sad, we become surprised when something catches our attention, we react in stressful situations and we have more or less control over our emotions. It is important how we manage these states in relation to ourselves, but also in relation to others.

After this period spent together, every participant declares being richer with an experience, a friend, a smile under the mask, a book in the soul, a touch of empathy and understanding, but also some soul playlists created by them, as a testimony of what they have lived together during this time.

These playlists are made up of songs chosen by the participants which reveal, for them, a diversity of emotions. Listen to these songs too, especially when you feel that you are facing these emotions; they are small cultural prescriptions offered by our program participants.