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Dance Talk Katleen Van Langendonck & Alain Platel

Date: 3.12.2020

The coordinator of performing arts & literature at EUROPALIA Katleen Van Langendonck interviewed director and choreographer Alain Platel in the transversal hall. Using Choreographer  Alain Platel’s multi-faceted oeuvre as a guide, they connected to the content of the exhibition, and talked about working with children with disabilities, taking inspiration from Gilles de la Tourette’s Syndrome and archive images that psychiatrist Arthur Van Gehuchten (1861-1914) of his hysterical patients. They discussed the boundary between bodily control and loss of control, between physical possession and being possessed.

Choreographer Alain Platel is trained as a remedial educationalist and he searches for a dance idiom that connects with the unconscious, the random and the uncontrolled. 

The talk was screened live on Bozar’s online platform RADAR and was watched by 357 people.

This event is part of the European project Art & Well-being funded by Creative Europe in partnership with Cluj Cultural Centre (Romania), UGM (Slovenia) and Bruno Kessler Foundation (Italy).