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Featured artwork: Mile in My Shoes, Clare Patey | Empathy Museum

The Empathy Museum is the world’s first experiential arts space of its kind, a response to our increasingly hyper-individualistic world driven by consumerism, where our social circles are small, even online and where it is easy to believe that everyone shares our values. It considers advances in neuro-scientific research that challenge the myth that we are exclusively self-interested and suggest that empathy is a skill that can be learnt.

The Empathy Museum was launched in 2015 as a series of travelling pop-up exhibits, and as a digital museum (still in development). The museum is curated by Clare Patey and produced by Artsadmin in collaboration with writer Roman Krznaric.

A Mile in My Shoes – A place to learn from and understand one another

A Mile in My Shoes is the first major commission for the Empathy Museum. It takes the form of a shoe shop that contains shoes donated by contributors from around the world and where visitors are invited to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. This roaming exhibit holds a diverse collection of shoes and audio stories that explore our shared humanity, making us more attentive to the stories of others and rising in us a sense of empathy.

Within Art & Well-being project, A Mile in My Shoes concept will be closely explored by the people from 2 European cities: Cluj-Napoca and Maribor in the following period. A series of local stories will be soon available to the Slovenian public and presented in an old factory, in September this year.

For more details: https://www.empathymuseum.com/