Home » The artistic installation “All the Suns” opens the 2021-2022 season of the Romanian National Opera Cluj-Napoca

Artist: Radu Cioca 

CG Animation: Tudor Câmpean

Scenography: Teodora Cioca

A collection of light wonders, of sunlight, which we normally experience on our own, in the privacy of our homes, have become a unique spectacle in these times of isolation. This spiritual presence – a gift from the Sun, which certifies our connection with a universal macro dimension of the world – will now be concentrated in a scenographic space, embedded with the memory of the audience’s presence and past performances. This personal, singular moment is amplified, becoming a show on the stage of the opera hall, in an almost one to one interaction, but consumed in a surreal experience. The visitors have the opportunity to transform from spectators into actors, by having the chance to step on the stage, carrying the Sunlight with them, in this dynamic and abstract choreography of light. The ambient sound reproduces the recording of the Earth from space, realizing a connection with the Universal vibration through which everything resonates.

The installation can be seen on the stage of the Romanian National Opera Cluj-Napoca and is open to the public on Saturday, September 25th between 12:00 and 20:00 and on Sunday, September 26th between 10:00 and 20:00. Admission is free, but wearing a face mask is mandatory throughout the event.


An abstract scenography of Sunlight.

Architects use the therapeutic role of light in planning a locative environment. Light can alter the appearance of a room without physically changing it. Our perception is influenced, our focus is redirected, and new details come to our attention in a new light. 

Living with natural light, apart from its miraculous life-giving factor, reveals us the perception of time. The dimensions of space, combined with dimensions of time, give us the spacetime continuum, which helps us understand the universe from a different perspective.

Consciousness is another important factor in experiencing space and time through light. New light projections entering the same homely space in different moments in time, create a state of eternal now, which stays with us all of our lives, triggering memories, or bringing familiar awareness in brand new experiences.  

The modulation of light, the unpredictability of its trajectory, may influence the perceiver’s mood, creating different emotional states. There is a relationship between light-based emotions and behaviors. Light can cure our spirit and nurture the perception of our environment, building a state of positive energy, improving health and well-being of the individual exposed to light, in a given environment.

In these special times of pandemic and isolation, the relation between interior and exterior becomes more relevant for everyday rituals. The ratio of one towards the infinite is gaining substance, while the rest of the world fades into immateriality, making the Sunlight a messenger of life into our personal architecture of isolation.

You have to stop, in order to perceive the passing of time. It’s on us to make a positive experience out of seeing time develop into a simple shape of light, or it can remain a trivial overseen instance.

How long does the present last? A shadow moving. Through Sunlight, time becomes personal. Past, Present, Future exist simultaneously.

The installation aims to simulate a state where everything is present at the same time. No quantification, no seconds, just Time traced as a presence in a universe of light shaped through a present eternity. Experiencing the installation site will give the viewer the opportunity to stand outside of time, in a surreal ambiance of familiar light.


The Art & Well-being project explores the relationship between art and physical, mental, emotional well-being. The project is coordinated by the Cluj Cultural Centre in partnership with BOZAR (BE), UGM Maribor Art Gallery (Sl) and the Bruno Kessler Foundation (IT) and is funded by the European Union through the Creative Europe program. 

The work All the Suns by artist Radu Cioca was selected by the jury of the Art & Well-being project, within an international call in which 170 artists from 19 countries participated and is presented during the 2021/2022 season opening of the Romanian National Opera Cluj-Napoca, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and the City Hall of Cluj-Napoca.

About the artist:

Radu Cioca (b.1982) lives and works in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. He studied at the University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca and L’École Supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc de Liège, Belgium. He has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Seoul, Berlin, The Hague, Warsaw, Moscow, Stuttgart, Copenhagen, Madrid, Athens, Paris, București, Timișoara, Cluj and in 2010 at The Romanian National Pavilion in The New Gallery of the I.R.C.C.U., Venice Biennale – 12th International Architecture Exhibition.

The artist is experimenting with various approaches, using drawing, painting, photography, video, computer animation or digital generated images, with a focus on sculpture and installations that challenge materials.

The aim of Radu Cioca’s idea-based practice is to create a state of self-awareness in which the mystification of our reality is unveiled, thus raising questions and revealing relative ‘truths’. He is interested in creating moments where things ‘click’, by interrogating the given reality through a series of connections. His recent works investigate subjects such as the perception of time, the evolution of social trends and the aggregation of matter in relation with the idea of presence and universal vibration. There is a subtle poetic criticism in his works that deals with society’s new values that are turned into relevant images of our times, nuanced in a derogatory fashion. 


Tudor Câmpean – lives and works in Cluj-Napoca. He studied at the University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca, with experience in graphics, CG production, animation and video editing, whose collaboration was crucial in creating the video animation for this project (based on drawings and light video recordings made by Radu Cioca).

Teodora Cioca – active architect in Cluj-Napoca. She studied at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism Cluj-Napoca. With experience in the synergy between art and architecture in the public space. She designed the scenography for this artistic installation and was a constant advisor in this project.

Special thanks:

Romanian Opera Cluj, Claudia Cacovean, Teodora Cioca, Tudor Câmpean, Radu Daniel, Paul Stroia, World Wide Print.