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The difficult period we are going through has shown how relevant the quality of the spaces we spend time in is for our well-being. Through SUPERPOWER! – a participatory project by artist Ling Tan – we invite students from Cluj-Napoca to explore in an immersive manner public and collective spaces in the Hașdeu student campus. In an attempt to raise awareness about the way we feel in different contexts, this activity invites participants to explore their environment through their subjective perception using a customized digital tool that enables them to record their feelings in the present moment at different outdoor spaces.

As a participant within the project, you can make sense of your complex interaction with the campus space and explore, as a group, the impact of the environment on your well-being. You will be using a mobile web platform developed by the artist to actively record your own perception in real time in the form of touch gesture data designed by yourself.

On the first day there will be an online one-hour meeting with the artist, who will present the web platform and provide information and instructions on how to use it, followed by a physical exploration  of the Hașdeu campus area. During the  walks, particiants access through their mobile browser the  customized web platform  to record their observations and responses in different places, building a data map of things relevant to them and their community. On the next day there will be another online meeting with the artist, during which the data collected after exploring the campus will be discussed.

Be curious!


On June 2nd from 17:00 to 19:00 (one hour online session followed by individual campus exploration) and June 3rd from 17:00 to 18:00 (one hour online session).

On June 16th from 17:00 to 19:00 (one hour online session followed by individual campus exploration) and June 17th from 17:00 to 18:00 (one hour online session).

What are we looking for?

Students who live in or around the Hașdeu university campus area, who are interested in understanding  and contributing to raising awareness on the impact of the environment on students’ well-being.

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SUPERPOWER! proposed by UK based artist Ling Tan, is one of the artworks selected through the Art & Well-being open call for projects on the relation between art and well-being. 

SUPERPOWER! is an initiative developed by Ling Tan that explores our personal agency and responsibility as a citizen and as an individual in our complex interactions with our cities through our subjective perception using digital tools. Through working with communities in different cities, she developed a set of toolkits consisting of wearable technology, a mobile web platform and a data dashboard that enables a community to make sense of self-determined issues and collect data about their city using their subjective perception in the form of body gestures. Past projects range from air quality, perception of safety in public space, wheelchair accessibility, female public safety, cultural diversity, children’s well-being, to womxn representation.

About the artist
Ling Tan is an artist, maker, and coder working within the field of social engagement, technology, citizen participation and politics. Originally trained as an architect, her work explores citizens’ interaction with the built environment and our collective agency and responsibility in tackling complex issues surrounding our cities. Her work is exhibited internationally in places such as Centre Pompidou (France), Victoria and Albert Museum (UK) Barbican (UK), and Wits Art Museum (South Africa).