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Guidelines regarding the call for artistic residences and / or artistic interventions exploring the relationship between culture and well-being, as part of Art & Well-being project


1.1 The Art & Well-being (AWE) project explores the potential of arts to enhance individual and community well-being. The project connects four organizations – Cluj Cultural Centre (Romania), Bozar, Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels (Belgium), UGM | Maribor Art Gallery (Slovenia) and Bruno Kessler Foundation (Italy) – and it is co-funded by the European Commission, through the Creative Europe programme.
1.2 The aim of the project is to explore and raise awareness about the effects of arts on physical, emotional and mental health, but also to support innovative approaches and to develop new processes, activities and networks between cultural organizations and different stakeholders from health, science and urban development in order to enhance individual and community well-being.
1.3 The competition for artistic residencies and / or artistic interventions exploring the relationship between culture and well-being are part of Art & Well-being project, co-funded by the European Commission, through the Creative Europe programme. The project is conducted by Cluj Cultural Centre (Romania) – the leading organization, in partnership with BOZAR (Belgium), UGM Maribor Art Gallery (Slovenia) and Bruno Kessler Foundation (Italy).
1.3 The present competition is organized by the Cluj Cultural Centre Association, with its headquarters in Cluj-Napoca, Bld. 21 December 1989, no. 58, room 20, registered in the Register of Associations and Foundations no. 166/2010, fiscal registration code 27626490, having the account RO11 BTRL 0130 1205 3311 69XX, opened at Banca Transilvania, legally represented by Stefan Teișanu, having the function of Executive Director and its partners in the consortium for the Art & Well-being project.
1.4 The competition is carried out in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation, of the Adjacent Policies (for example, the Policy on the processing of personal data), of the incident legislation and of the principles of transparency and equal treatment that promote the achievement of the project objectives.
1.5 This Regulation presents the method of application and participation in the competition, the details regarding organizing process, the calendar of the entire artistic program and other relevant information for the persons interested in this program.
1.6 Participation in the Program is subject to the prior acceptance of this Regulation.
1.7 The Regulation is considered to be accepted by ticking the “I accept the program Regulation” section, after having read the whole Document, before submitting the Application on the Platform, in order to participate in the Program.


2.1 The following terms used in this document will have the following meaning (unless they are clearly used in another sense):
AWE -The Art & Well-being Program
Program – The AWE artistic residencies and cultural interventions, organized by the Cluj Cultural Centre and its partners within the project, in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation;
• Organizers
• The leading organizer: Cluj Cultural Centre (Romania) a city-wide organization that mobilises culture in partnership with other sectors for social transformation and urban development.
• Co-organizer: Bozar, Centre for Fine Arts, located in Brussels (Belgium) – a multidisciplinary platform for intercultural dialogue and exchange with an international reach, guided by the European mission.
• Co-organizer: UGM | Maribor Art Gallery, located in Slovenia) – a public museum of modern and contemporary art.
• Co-organizer: Bruno Kessler Foundation, located in Italy is a leading research institution.
• Applicant – represents the individual who fills in and submits the application for participation in the Program through the Web Platform;
• Participant – represents the individual whose application has been accepted in the Program and who has been declared eligible to participate in the Program as a result of the selection process.
• Jury – includes a group of specialized individuals or experts in the areas of interest of the Program, designated by the Organizer and Co-organizers to evaluate the Participants, on different transparent criteria.
• Application – the form available at www.art-wellbeing.eu/form, which must be fully completed by the Applicant in order to enter the selection process for participation in the Program;
• Platform – the web platform available at www.art-wellbeing.eu. It is operated by the Organizer, and it contains the applications for participants and all the updated versions of the various policies or regulations under which the Program is being conducted.
• Regulation – this Policy, regarding the general terms of the Program.


The artistic interventions and artistic residencies must meet the following criteria:
• Development and production of artworks to be exhibited and presented within the AWE project (exhibitions will take place in Brussels, Cluj and Maribor during fall 2020 and spring 2021)
• Projects to be developed during a 1-2 week long artistic residencies, to be hosted by one of the three AWE artistic partners in Brussels, Cluj and Maribor. Periods for artistic residencies: Brussels – Autumn 2020 – Spring 2021, Cluj – June – November 2020, Maribor – July – August 2020.
• To answer, by concept and format, the theme of the contest.
• To be suitable for exposure in the proposed spaces, to have an organic meeting between space and work
• Can be made in a format (dimensions, materials, installation conditions, etc.) in order to meet the purpose of the Art & Well-being project
• Be accessible to the public (under the conditions agreed with the organizers)


• Participation is open to anyone, without restrictions of residence, artistic training / experience, sex, age, ethnicity, etc.
• Participation can be either individual or in a group / team consisting of more than 1 member.
• Citizens of the European Union, but not exclusively.


5.1 The calendar of the Program is:
• Call for proposals: 13 March – 19 April 2020
• Deadline for submission: 19 April 2020.
• Selection results will be announced by 11 May 2020.
• Implementation phase:
• Exhibitions of the artworks will take place in Brussels, Cluj and Maribor during fall 2020 and spring 2021
• Periods for artistic residencies: Brussels – Autumn 2020 – Spring 2021, Cluj – June – November 2020, Maribor – July – August 2020.
5.2 The Organizer reserves the right to modify the schedule of the Program, in order to ensure the continuity of the Program, by following these procedure:
• Amending this Regulation;
• Displaying the Regulation in its modified form within the Platform whenever any changes occur.


6.1 The fees and production budgets:
• artist fees will be up to 1000 Euro, depending on the type of project, number of artists involved, duration of project.
• production budgets will be up to 2000 Euro, depending on project complexity and duration, travel and accommodation costs for selected artists in residence only.
6.2 If an applicant is accepted into the program, he or she is aware of the fact that the opportunity and the grant provided must be used in an appropriate and responsible manner.
6.3 In case of not compelling with the guidelines of the Program, or in case of (but not limited to) fraud, fraudulent maneuvers, false in statements, misuse, deception, the selected participants will have to reimburse the costs that the Organizers covered regarding their work or activity.
6.4 Details regarding the present section, namely “Financial Conditions”, will be further developed. The Organiser reserves the right to disclose relevant information about the financial section to all the Applicants/Participants in the shortest time possible, by updating the present document and notifying all Applicants/Participants via e-mail.


7.1 Application procedure
7.1.1 The applicants will submit their proposals exclusively on the online Platform, at the following web address: www.art-wellbeing.eu/form. The application will be considered valid only if the following steps have been completed:
• Filling out the application form available within the Platform, at www.art-wellbeing.eu/form during the application period announced on the site or in this Regulation;
• Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of the Platform, the Policy for the Processing of Personal Data, the Policy regarding the use of the Cookie modules, as well as the Program Regulation by ticking the checkboxes within the Platform, after reading them in full;
After the application has been received by the Organizer, a validation message (‘Thank you for your message. It has been sent.’) will be automatically displayed on the website to all applicants that have submitted a valid application.
7.2 Selection procedure
7.2.1 The selection will be realized based on the applications registered within the Platform. The jury will evaluate their eligibility, using the following criteria:
• Correct completion of the application procedure
• The potential of the project proposed by the Participant to add value at both the artistic and social level
• The practical applicability of the Project in the areas of interest associated with the program (cultural, health, well-being areas)
• Demonstrate ability and skills to work and adapt to different situations (i.e. during artistic residencies, artists should develop new works, or should work with the local community – through projects, community works and co-creative workshops)
• Have the ability to create small scale artworks such as light or sound installations to be presented in dedicated spaces.
7.2.2 The results of the selection are final and they cannot be contested.
7.2.3 The jury who will evaluate the applications will be selected by the Organizer and its partners, including individuals specialized in the fields related to the Program and defined in the Artistic Board of the project.
7.2.4 The evaluation of the jury will be reflected in a score given to each participant according to the fulfillment of the criteria set out at article 7.2.1.
7.2.5 All applicants will be notified personally via email of the selection results. Also, the final result of the selection will be published on the website of the Program – www.art-wellbeing.eu.
7.2.6 The jury will select a maximum of 5 individual installations/artworks and/or 3 projects for artistic residencies. If, among the Selected Applicants, there are persons who do not confirm their participation in term of 3 days since they have been notified about the acceptance of their application, the following Applicants in the ranking will be declared selected and invited to participate, within the limit of the places released.
7.2.7. Selected participants are obliged to confirm to the Organizer in writing, by e-mail, within a maximum of 3 days since their selection has been communicated, their firm intention to enter the Program, otherwise they are subject of the exclusion from the Program.
7.2.8 Upon confirmation, the selected applicants will sign a participation agreement with the Organizers, through which the parties will express their commitments within the Program. Furthermore, in the participation agreement, the parties will set out all the details that shall governate their collaboration within the Program.
7.3 Implementation of the program
7.3.1 General aspects
• Exhibitions of the artworks will take place in Brussels, Cluj and Maribor during fall 2020 and spring 2021
• Periods for artistic residencies: Brussels – Autumn 2020 – Spring 2021, Cluj – June – November 2020, Maribor – July – August 2020.
7.3.2 The Organizers has the right to disqualify any selected participant if it is proven beyond reasonable doubt that the information provided during the Program is incorrect, partially incorrect or even false, and / or that he/she has violated this Regulation and / or the applicable law and / or if it has shown immoral behavior.
7.3.3 If a Participant declared selected is disqualified, the next Participant according to the ranking made by the jury will be selected and taken into the Program.


8.1 Rights of the Organizer
8.1.1 To organize the Program in accordance with this Regulation;
8.1.2 To modify the present Regulation, with the consequence of notifying the interested persons in the modalities and the deadlines provided in this document;
8.1.3 To name the Jury for the selection of the Participants in the Program;
8.1.4 To request additional details / clarifications regarding the Participants in order to verify the veracity of the information provided by them;
8.1.5 To invalidate the Applications that do not comply with the rules and conditions presented in the Regulation;
8.1.6 To exclude from the Program any Participant, at any time during the Program, if it has been proven that:
• He/she provided incorrect or inaccurate information during the program, considering all the phases of the program;
• He/she violated the present Regulation or any applicable law;
• He/she has or had inappropriate or immoral conduct towards any other persons involved in the Program.
8.2 Obligations of the Organizer
8.2.1 To provide the Participants with all the information necessary for the coherent development and implementation of the Program;
8.2.2 Not to use the information obtained from the selection of the Participants or any other information obtained during the Program for purposes other than those mentioned in this Regulation and in the GDPR Policy.


9.1 Participants’ rights:
9.1.1 To benefit from all the resources and information provided by the Organizer and / or its partners within the Program;
9.1.2 To develop their artistic creation in the way that it considers most appropriate, but which respects good morals and good faith.
9.2 Participants’ obligations:
9.2.1 To comply with these Regulations, as well as any other Policies or Additional Acts that may appear during the Program;
9.2.2 To participate in the activities which they have chosen / to which they were assigned;
9.2.3 To adopt a decent and respectful conduct regarding other Participants, members of the Jury, as well as the members of the organizing team.
9.2.4 To present to the Organizer, at the latter’s request, any materials relevant for the call proposal and for the implementation of the assumed tasks within the project;
9.2.5 To comply with any other duties that they have assumed to this Program, whether this is reflected in the Regulation or other Policies or Additional Acts regarding the Program.
9.2.6 To assume their involvement within the Program and to commit to the purposes of the Program.


10.1 By completing and submitting the Application for participation in the Program, the Applicants and the Participants grant the Organizers and their partners (free of charge, irrevocably, for an unlimited term and applicable in any territory) the right to use the data provided within the Application and / or implementation phase: promoting the Program and / or promoting the Organizer and / or partners and / or other events that will be held by them
10.2 The Applicant is solely responsible for the accuracy and the rightness of the data provided through the online form. By submitting the form, he or she is aware of the fact that if the data provided is forged or false he / she will suffer the legal consequences to all their extent.
10.3 Data provided in the Program include information related to artistic creation, images and videos of the Participants or their representatives and the name, e-mail, phone number of the Participants and / or their Projects
10.4 This amendment applies to both Participants and those attending as spectators / audience at events. The members of audience will be properly informed during the events regarding data that will be gathered, if the case.
10.5 In this regard, the Organizer and its partners will be able – without however being limited to: making the public aware free of charge, by using any form – video recording of the participants’ interventions and their promotion, any other images or recordings with the representations of the Participants during the Program; to write and publish any article regarding the Program’s progress and the Participants’ Application / Implementation process.
10.6 The Organizer may also make public the list of Participants selected to be part of the Program, and the content of their application, with respect to the personal data provided in the forms (See the GDPR Policy); to use the name and image of the Participants. These rights will be exercised by the Organizer and its partners in good faith and within reasonable limits, in compliance with the legal provisions applicable in this matter.
10.7 By completing and submitting the Application, as well as by participating in the Program, the Participants understand and accept that any ideas, comments or suggestions included in the application form are not confidential information.
10.8 Under no circumstances may the Organizer be held liable if the information contained in the Participant’s Application or in implementation phase is used by a third party, including for the purpose of developing similar businesses.


11.1 By submitting the Application for participation in the Program, the Applicants grant the Organizer a series of personal data, such as: name, first name, role / function, expertise, contact details (such as: e-mail address, phone number).
11.2 The Organizer is entitled to process this data for the purpose of evaluating the Applications and for any other purposes related to the implementation of the Program. The data will be stored in compliance with the legal provisions, for the entire duration of the Program, as well as for a subsequent period of 5 years (given that the Organizer has legal and contractual obligations to keep in its records data on the way the Program is conducted). At the end of this period, the data will be deleted or returned to the Applicants, according to their request.
11.3 Some personal data may be disclosed to the members of the jury as well as to other persons from the organizing team of the Program or, as the case may be, to the Organizer’s partners, being given that those type data are necessary for the conduct of the Program. The persons who will have access to such data also have the contractual obligation to keep their secret and not to disclose it to any other third party.
11.4 The Organizer shall respect the rights of the data subjects in the activity of processing personal data, in accordance with the legal obligations in this regard.
11.5. The organisers – Cluj Cultural Centre (Romania), Bozar, Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels (Belgium), UGM | Maribor Art Gallery (Maribor), Bruno Kessler Foundation (Italy) – will publish the names and results of the successful applicants in various publications, such as on their websites, newsletters and in annual reports. I hereby consent to give the organisers the rights to publicly present the resulting artwork in events and publications.
11.6 This section is supplemented by the legal provisions in the field of data processing, as well as with the Policy on the Processing of Personal Data – GDPR


12.1 The participants understand and accept that they participate in the Program on their own responsibility. The Organizer and its partners are not responsible for the Participants’ decision to participate in the Program nor for the possible consequences of such participation (nor for damages, personal injury or death that may occur as a result of participating in the Program). The Organizer will not oblige any of the Participants to do anything particular, in consequence, all the actions that the Participants will perform are on their own risk and the consequences of their actions will be supported only by them, as the Organizer has no control over their decisions and actions.
12.2 The Organizer and its partners are not accountable for any situation which is caused by unrealized benefit of the Participants, loss of profits, clients and other such situations.


13.1 The modification of the Program Rules will be carried out only under exceptional conditions, and the Organizer will inform the Applicants / Participants of the changes before the changes take effect, in the terms stated in this document. Any modification of this Regulation will be published on the Platform.
13.2 In the case that there will be delays in logistics and artistic creation process of the Participants within Program, delays caused by external factors and which cannot be controlled by the Organizer, the latter will not be held liable in the case that the timing of the event or certain parts of this Regulation will be modified. The term external factors means any event or situation over which the Organizer could not control or could not foresee (for example: delays from the persons responsible for the delivery of materials). The modification of the Regulations or the schedule of the Program will operate in the manner presented in this document.
13.3 The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the Program for good reasons, and in such a situation to notify the Applicants / Participants within a reasonable time, according to the reason for the cancellation. In the case that the Program is canceled, the Organizer will not be obliged to pay the Applicants and / or the Participants any compensation for any reason and in any situation, if the reasons for canceling the Program are well founded.


14.1 This document is written in English and will be interpreted according to the meaning of its terms in accordance with the Romanian applicable legal provisions.
14.2 This document is governed by the incidental Romanian legislation. Any dispute arising from the Program’s performance will be resolved either by requests addressed to the competent courts, or by the arbitration of the Arbitration Court of the Cluj Chamber of Commerce and Industry in accordance with the Arbitration Rules of the Court, the latter’s decision being mandatory for the parties.


15.1 For any clarity regarding the content and interpretation of this Regulation, please contact the Organizer, using the email address: proiecte@cccluj.ro